WordPress selection and customization


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2016 statistics show that 25% of websites are powered by WordPress. The WordPress CMS (content management system) is ideal for creating blogs, company pages, webshops and websites.
Its undisputable advantage is the vast array of available templates and associated plugins, which can cut web development costs and time up to 80% without compromising the functionality required by the customer.

We continuously monitor the available WordPress templates and plugins on both domestic and international websites and blogs to be able to offer the best fit for our customers’ business needs.
When choosing a template, we factor in how sophisticated it is in terms of, usability, user experience and design.

After choosing a template, we customize the theme according to the customer’s needs and make the necessary adjustments, focusing particularly on usability and user experience.

  • Information from client:Business ideas and user needs and requirements of the website, list of functions
  • Client cooperation:Continuous communication across all development phases (defining the information architecture, design and web development)
  • Deliverables:WordPress-powered website