Voice user interface design

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VUI communication which opens a voice-based channel between the user and the IT device. Voice-based interaction allows hands-free control, the reception of information that does not require eye contact and biometric identification.

The advantages of VUI:

  • Safe: reading text messages and giving written response while driving a car without using one’s hands; biometric identification also lends greater safety to handling business through telephone customer services
  • Comfortable: switching on lights using voice control
  • Fast: wordprocessing and controls at the speed of live speech
  • Human and friendly: talking to a device or interface just like to a shop employee.
    Accessible: the blind and people with impaired vision are able to use our service better with using a voice interface

When planning a voice user interface, we map out user requirements and implement offline discussions into communication with IT tools.

  • Information from client:Utilisation requirements of VUI, list of functions
  • Client cooperation:Validation of the VUI
  • Deliverables:Dialogue patterns for machine processing, flowcharts