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Voice User Interface (VUI) means talking to your device (smartphone, smart speaker etc.) and instructing it to perform certain tasks – from switching on the lights to ordering plane tickets or sending money or getting detailed information. Our cross-functional team of professionals is ready to team up with your business to build a truly innovative voice-controlled product. Our specialized VUI team include usability experts, software engineers, AI experts, linguists, creatives, and copywriters. We use the most widely accepted voice assistants to create voice-controlled products like Siri (Apple/, Cortana (Microsoft/, Google Home (, and Alexa ( but we are able to enhance any digital product with custom built voice interfaces as well (e.g. based on Nuance technology).

Key Tools

  • Stakeholder Interviews. Meeting with your staff helps us define the business goals and use cases of your voice-controlled product.
  • Customer Interviews. When speaking with your customers, we pay special attention to their word choice and grammar as crucial input of the dialogue scripting.
  • Customer Personas. We hold workshops with your staff to define key customer types who will possibly interact with your voice-controlled product.
  • Brand Persona. Closely co-operating with key stakeholders of your business, we define the personality, the tone of voice, and the vocabulary of your product. You don’t want a sassy bank assistant, do you?
  • Functionality. We define what functions the customers will be able to use with the voice interface.
  • Dialogue Tree. With our dedicated software tools for voice design, we map every possible scenario of the human-computer interaction in the form of a complex tree model.
  • Detailed Wording. Our copywriters polish every detail of the scripted conversations.
  • Testing. Throughout the development process, the scripts can be validated regularly with the “Wizard of Oz” experiment.

Key Benefits

  • Accessible. VUI products can be operated by people with special needs, by children, by visually impaired or by the elderly.
  • Simple. Speech is the basic form of human communication. Operating a VUI product is almost instinctive.
  • Quick. Input via VUI is as quick as human speech.
  • Peripheral. Does not require eye contact or persistent focus.
  • Shared. Several users can access a VUI product at the same time.
  • Fun. This new way of interaction significantly enriches the experience of the users