Card sorting


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We use card sorting methodology to define content structure. During card sorting we ask the participants to group and organize the proposed content of the website in a way that is the most logical for them. Participants can name or rename the categories. Card sorting shows us in what way would users look for a particular piece of information or menu item on the page, and their opinion on the site’s content as well.

Proper and unambiguous information architecture requires that the content is organized in a logical and straightforward manner from the user’s point of view, and users are able to find the particular item they’re looking for.

Two types of card sorting are prevalent. In case of open sorting, the users define and name the categories in which they will sort the content . While close sorting defines the categories in advance. It is worth to start with an open sorting session followed by a closed sorting test.

The method helps to define and build the structure of the website, and to arrange the content and name individual categories. Since the content is shaped by the users, they will find the the arrangement of the future site logical. We can run group or individual test sessions, online or in person.

We pay attention to the 7+/- 2 rule (number of elements that is easy to scan at one time) when categorizing the content ( the future menu structure), and define 5, 7, or maximum 9 menu elements. We believe that this way we can avoid overcomplicating the navigation. We use OptimalSort.

  • Information from client:1-2 sentence summary of current major content pieces
  • Client cooperation:Validation of results, provide participants
  • Deliverables:Suggested menu structure